We're on a mission ...
to get students to 'Love Revision'

Resources to help students ACE their exams

When we ask students how they feel about revision they say they find it stressful,
difficult, time consuming, boring and some say they even 'hate it'.

The vast majority of us, at some stage in our lives, will have taken written exams. Therefore, we will all understand that exam time can be one of the most stressful periods in the lives of many people. Often this stress extends beyond the individual to the wider family.


Some students will procrastinate, some will be super organised but will panic on exam day and others will be so laid back they're almost horizontal!


Regardless of their individual revision profile all students know, for a fact, that having a system is the only way to really succeed in exams.


 At Love Revision we have invented exactly that, a comprehensive, research-based system to take the stress out of revision and exam time.


Our highly unique Love Revision Study Systemâ„¢ empowers students to take complete control of the entire revision and exam period.


There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of apps and websites that provide study tips, shared revision notes, online planners and digital mind maps. We do NOT fit this category. Why? Because we know (and the research supports us) that when it comes to exam revision there is no substitute for taking your own notes, for mapping out your own subject syllabus and for setting and answering your own questions.

Get your Love Revision Study Systemâ„¢ resources today!

We're on a mission to help students love revision

Let's make these statements a thing of the past:


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